Burris Builder


Burris AWS is now
beta testing at

It starts with the elastic cloud, provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is not just an alternative to traditional web hosting, it is a fundamentally better approach to establishing a presence on the Internet. Burris Builder turns the elastic cloud into your web development canvas.

Burris Builder extends the leverage of AWS and open source technologies to web developers,  allowing complex, enterprise-grade systems to be leveraged with simple, point and click tools.
Burris Builder is the product of agency demands, logistical realities and battle tested infrastructure for developing and maintaining business grade websites throughout their lifecycle.

Burris Builder is a focused package of custom software, smart integration of popular products and carefully designed GUIs to make building infrastructure both malleable and stable.

The initial phases of Burris Builder are aimed at the “one-man-bands” of web development. The developers who understand their role as the bridge between the ideas and fruition; the “surgeons” who orchestrate deployment.

As this website and its products grow, it will begin to define the cascading benefits which reach into every facet of website development, from napkin sketch to live website.

If you are new to cloud hosting and Amazon Web Services, Burris Builder will be a dramatic shift in thought process, and a permanent enhancement in how you understand website hosting and development. If you’re familiar with Amazon Web Services, Burris Builder will provide customizable, pre-built infrastructure and a new perspective on how to increase efficiency.

The tools to rapidly construct, deconstruct, manipulate and deploy on an elastic computing service is just the beginning. Burris Builder is modular, open source and fluid. By leveraging the community, it will become the product of its community.

If you are experienced in web development, and you would like to begin testing Burris Builder for its public release, please contact me.